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Xstreme Timber Homes provides Turn-Key Development, building solutions, by taking your project through the architectural and planning stages to its efficient build and completion. Our highly efficient building team will look after every stage of your project from conception, to ground works, to the beautiful finishing touches .Timber frame houses are eco-friendly and trusted by the environment. In most cases, timber frame houses are less expensive than brick and mortar and future additions are easily added .

A loft can be created in between the spaces of your existing roof, this is a great way to use your roofs space to its full potential . This way you will have no more wasted space and a new room that can be used for any purpose, walls can also be added (Full scale conversions), this is more cost effective and you get much more space, these spaces are considered as a double dwelling. What's more, it can add considerably to the value of your property.

If you simply wish to use your loft for storage then there shouldn’t be any issues. But, for larger loft conversions, it is necessary to assess the potential in your roof space before making plans. The advice of a builder or architect will be needed.

Decking provides a comfortable, clean, level environment on which you can entertain guests or kick back and relax. A timber deck adds a natural feel to your home and finishes it up. Decking allows you to create a space where previously there was none, building over a sloping site or adding a new balcony can create more space instantly.
The substructure of Softwoods decks is usually CCA treated pine. We find that CCA treated pine provides little to no movement, is resistant to rot and insect attack, and is also the most economical option. Bearers are bolted to posts, and joists are secured to bearers using a range of bolts ,nuts and screws. All of these measures have been developed over the years to ensure that a deck is built to last.
The primary variable aside from size and shape of decks is the type of decking that you use. Decking comes in many different species, offering variable strength, size and flexibility, as well as color, grain and density. With these variables come different prices and performance. Softwoods provide a large range of decking options to ensure that we can provide you with what you want in a deck at a price that suits you.
It is a deep red brown color, and is subject to some initial tannin bleed when first unpacked.
A durability class of 3 and a color of WPR, which is usually a light reddish brown color which is a little pale. Kapur is a great value decking board that performs well and has a great grain and color.
Varies in color with a rating of WRB and usually have the appearance of light grey, red or a dark brown.
Spotted Gum boards are brown, and can range from a light to dark color, with a distinctive wavy pattern in the grain of the timber.
Tallow wood is generally a light colored yellow brown.
A durability class of 2 and is a blonde or pale colored hardwood.
It is usually a vibrantly colored red/brown decking board and makes for a very nice looking deck.
Has a great range of deep to light red and brown shades and provide great contrast and variability in a deck.

A carport offers a great cost effective solution for a car shelter, and also offers the greatest options for entertainment areas and unique features.
Carports are cooler in summer than a steel garage, used as a shading area, but not enclosing it.
Carports can later be enclosed and used as storage or living spaces, please note plans will be needed both options .

Electrical/ Electrician
We offer an electrical contractor that works very closely with us during the project and can assist in all the following categories
• Electrical Compliance Testing and Certification.
• Maintenance & construction
• Wiring & rewiring
• Generators & inverters
• Security lighting
• Fault finding & repairs
• Lightning repairs
• Power failures
• Earth leakages
• Pool motors
• Gate motors
• Burst geysers
• Stoves
• Faulty plugs
• Faulty lights
• Wiring & low voltage lights
• Security & floodlights
• Swimming pool, borehole and sump pumps repairs

Plumbing Services 
We have a qualified plumbing service that we offer to our clients in need of these services, plumbing quotes are done separately.
• Replacement of Burst Geysers and Valves to SABS Specifications
• Maintenance and repairs
• Construction
• Renovating bathrooms and kitchens
• New installations
• Blocked drains (indoors/outdoors)
• Mains supply of water to properties
• Sewerage
• Installation of water piping in buildings.
• Installation of sanitary ware.
• Maintenance plumbing for homeowners.
• Burst pipes
• Leak Detection
• Replacing gutters and flashings

Architects & Building Plans
We offer the service of registered architects and draughtsman 
When approaching your dreams and desires, these specialists are an essential part of your project, they have a lot of great ideas and suggestions that can only be beneficial .
All building plans have to be submitted to the relevant local authority for approval.

The National Building Regulations & Building Standards Act (No.103 of 1977) stipulates that no person may erect, alter, add to, or convert any building without the prior approval of the Local Authority.

Building plans drawn up by a reputable architect or draughtsman will be an integral part of the building process.