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Pine SABS refers to timber that is graded according to specific requirements regarding size dimensions and quality. This timber can be used for interior and exterior applications relevant to the building, construction, timber and manufacturing industries.
CCA Treated wood refers to treated wood falling within the H2 & H3 Hazard Classes. Ideal for exterior use for example decking boards, balustrades and stairs. Must be protected with penetrative sealants to provide water repellent and UV protection.

Shutter ply is pine plywood where the grade of the face veneer is of secondary importance to its application. Generally a C/C grade face is used with the panel bonded together with exterior (PF) resin. Shutter ply is often coated with a resin to assist in the prevention of water absorption .

Vermont building plank- provides a unique solution for external and internal cladding. Usually installed in a ship lapped pattern, it is available in a plain and textured finish that gives the realistic look and feel of timber. Application possibilities ranges from small to big ,new or old buildings and is ideally suited for upgrading facades or adding a striking look to new developments. They are great to use on add-on construction in the form of extra rooms or loft rooms..

Fiber cement flat sheets are economical, multi-purpose building boards that can be used for exterior and interior applications. These boards are great for plastering to match up with existing buildings . 
Fiber cement high-density and medium density flat sheets provide considerable scope for design flexibility and creative expression. Used as a flat vertical surface, flat sheets are produced in a smooth or textured finish. The flat sheets are supplied in a neutral color that can accept a wide variety of coatings and paints to suit the palette of any application.

Half log cladding – This cladding is SA Pine CCA treated or untreated timber that is cut in half round, called half log cladding (22mm ,32mm or 50mm). This type of cladding gives you a natural bushy and rustic feel. Perfect for locations in the bush veld, game farms and next to river sites .

Brick cladding are available in various realistic brick styles, crafted and colored to match brick exactly so you can have the fast and effective way of timber frame building matching your existing brick and mortar house. Minor variations in the finished product lend authenticity to the finished appearance, making it impossible to distinguish from brick walls.

Doors and windows are often referred to as the eyes of the home, giving a clear vision of the life inside. In South Africa, we tend to keep the material that we use for windows and doors similar, as they compliment each other and give a feeling of harmony.